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ANSON offers a range of services to support your Board and your executive team, and to assist you to maximise your strategic potential.


Organisational Review

An organisational review is almost like a corporate health check and yet, it doesn’t have to be an exhaustive process that lasts for months. A review of your organisational and strategic framework can be incredibly positive, and it doesn’t always need to focus on ‘issues’. In many instances, a review will reinforce what you as a CEO, and your team, are doing well and can continue and in some cases build upon.

Our approach is simple, we collect, analyse, interpret and then share information enabling an organisation to strengthen and grow.  Our approach is focused on identifying and sharing insights, which can support effective decision making and in many cases ensure sustainability of an organisation.

At ANSON we are always focussed on outcomes. If an organisation review means the status quo remains, then great. At least you know you’re on the right track. If on the other hand small re-tweaks are needed, then a well-structured organisational review will highlight these quickly and provide recommendations for action.

A good organisational review process should bring to light many factors and can often be undertaken prior to an organisation commencing a restructure or major change. A review process should pinpoint areas of  genuine strategic need, which then allows the appropriate allocation of time and resources on specific strategic planning and training tasks and minimise reflex decision making or the commencement of projects that may not address strategic outcomes.

In essence, a robust organisational review saves you money; by you avoiding spending money on unnecessary consultants and allocating scarce resources on processes that are not relevant.

Change Management

At ANSON we specialise in the community and not-for-profit space, so view change management as a positive approach to necessary organisational reform. Some view change management as a process of ‘wielding the axe’. We don’t. We believe the most crucial element of the change management process is ensuring your people buy into the process and together, you collectively achieve the desired outcomes.  We utilise the PROSCI Change Management Model in our change management processing, ensuring our approach is one that ensures change is understood at the individual level to make collective change possible and sustainable.

We understand that community organisations and NFPs operate within an ever changing and increasingly complex policy environment. Adaptation and change is therefore a crucial element of that environment and we can support you to build an organisation that is more readily able to accept and move with the change reducing the risk of change resistant behaviours.

We have worked with many organisations through major change.  For example, ANSON has worked with organisations to reform their entire business following the decision to move from delivering aged care services and NDIS to just focussing purely on the delivery of aged care.  Even with large scale restructure and reform, we still apply some simple change management techniques, ensuring all of our people are taken on the change journey.

A key element of our change management process is also understanding the environment you operate in.  Our experience positions us to understand the nature and tone of future policy reforms and changes within your operating environment. This is crucial as the change management roadmap must be cognisant of ensuring your organisation meets with and addresses these reforms, at the right junctions and at the right time.

If you need a change management partner, then ANSON is that partner.

Strategic Planning

A crucial element of strategic planning is clarity; the process defines strategy, direction and allocates resources to achieve key outcomes. Strategic planning sends a clear message: you are as commitment to evaluating today (doing things better) as much as you are mapping out your future, (tomorrow).

This is why external stakeholders value the strategic planning process so much. The process provides a valuable insight into your organisation, providing a sense of comfort that you are committed to evolving.  This is especially important in those sectors where: policy is driven by competition; where client centric, or client driven care outcomes, are the principle drivers, or; for organisations who rely on donations, grants, sponsorship and of course philanthropic support.

ANSON is without question your strategic planning partner. We deliver a suite of services and yet importantly, can tailor our approach to your organisation, your budget and your objectives. We specialise in simple facilitation through to detailed research and financial modelling. We also thrive on single issue projects that are targeted to key outcomes.

Feasibility Assessment

ANSON has completed a number of ‘feasibility’ studies or assessments for clients. Often neglected as a crucial planning tool, a sound feasibility assessment can deliver genuine strategic clarity and support effective decision making. Take a recent client as an example:

The brief was clear. Conduct a feasibility assessment of three key scenarios: 1. Status quo; 2. Genuine independence as an organisation with a strong focus on growth, or; 3. Prepare the business for sale / acquisition.

A well-planned feasibility assessment addresses the future intent of the organisation, based on a range of factors: economic, financial, technical, legal, policy and HR. Of course, there are additional elements to this matrix, but ANSON has the team to deliver exceptionally well designed feasibility assessments that provide strategic insight for both CEO and Board; in essence, preparing them for when a decision needs to be made.

A key reason our clients call on us to conduct a feasibility study is because they welcome the approach a ‘fresh pair of eyes’ can bring.  Fusing this together with our experience in the sector, we are well positioned to offer you in depth insights that will inform and strengthen your decision making process.

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