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People Experience

People Experience

The experience your people have within your organisation can shape their whole attitude towards working life; it can really be the key ingredient in creating an engaged, high performing workforce. We work with organisations who all want to create a great employee experience, but who sometimes can’t work out exactly where things might be going wrong or why the goal of being an ‘employer of choice’ appears to be so unattainable.

As the employee life cycle starts before you even issue an employment contract, there’s a lot of potential ground to cover! At ANSON we want your people to have the very best experience from day 1 and then stay engaged and motivated throughout their journey with you.

We can assist you to review the people experience within your organisation and offer a range of consulting services in this area:

  • Review of the employee lifecycle
  • Reward and recognition strategies
  • Job evaluation
  • HR Audit
  • Pay reviews and salary benchmarking
  • Workforce planning
  • Recruitment review – including the review of current systems and processes
  • Outsourcing of your recruitment processes
  • Coaching for leaders
  • High Performance coaching and development
  • Performance Management

Don’t know where to start, or want to find out more about how our services can assist your workplace please contact us today and let us know what help you are looking for.

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