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Outplacement Services


ANSON Management Consulting Outplacement Services

In difficult times, downsizing, restructuring even business cessation could possibly be a likely outcome. For many reasons your organisation may be in the difficult situation where one or more of your employees is moving on. However regardless of the reason, as an employer in the community care sector, as part of doing the right thing and upholding your organisation’s values, the provision of outplacement services for most organisations becomes non-optional. As experts in the community sector, recruitment and outplacement, ANSON is ideally placed to provide your exiting staff with the best possible support and advice.

ANSON is also set up to provide one-on-one consulting via telephone or video link in order to support people living remotely or indeed in self-isolation resulting from Covid 19.

The considerations.

For most people facing retrenchment, the shock can be debilitating. Often employees have no idea where to even start in seeking alternative employment. For instance:

  • Will they know how to write a resume and job application?
  • Do they understand current interview skills and job search techniques?
  • Are they better suited to be an employee, contractor, or running their own business?

In all cases, people need the self-knowledge to take the leadership in managing and navigating their job search – which each of our three key Outplacement Programs provide.

Program elements. Our Essentials, Manager and Executive “Career Navigator” Programs address six elements:

  • Personal profile – addresses the individual’s characteristics, aptitudes, aspirations and interests.
  • Commercial offer – identifies what the individual does well, what gives them satisfaction in the workplace, and their employment track record.
  • Job Search direction – proposes a practical way forward for the individual.
  • Tactical knowledge – teaches the individual the latest techniques in job search, targeted resumes, application letters, interview preparation and behaviour.
  • Coaching – mentors the individual during their journey so that they remain focussed.
  • Advice – provides guidance on settling into the newly secured job

“Career Navigator” Program options

Job Search Program

Designed primarily for juniors or front line staff who undertake routine work. It covers resume preparation, interview techniques and the basics in job search, typically requiring between three and five meetings.

Essentials Program

Designed for all age groups who undertake uncomplicated roles. It provides more depth in the six key elements of career navigation. Typically, it requires between five and eight meetings, including a free financial counselling session.

Manager Program

Designed for older staff, longer-term service, and management levels, it is based on the Career Essentials Program, but provides far greater depth in discussion and analysis of complex issues. Typically requiring 10 to 12 meetings, the number is not capped. A free financial counselling session is also included.

Executive Program

Designed for senior executives, it is the most complex program which also includes professional research assistance, industry introductions and complex financial advice, typically requiring 15 meetings, although the number is not capped.

On an as needed-basis we provide additional services such as: psychologist, financial counselling, specialised financial counselling, and specialist recruiter advice.

Supporting Services. Organisations undergoing retrenchment also gain from supporting services such as:

  • program planning and redundancy planning,
  • pre-program seminars and change management seminars,
  • training for notification managers,
  • on-site support to employees on notification day,
  • redeployment support, and partner relocation support.

These services are usually provided free of charge for ANSON Outplacement or ANSON HR Engage clients.

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