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Leadership Development

Leadership Development

Leadership Development designed specifically for the Community Sector and customised to your individual organisational needs

  • Are you successfully unlocking the potential of your team?
  • Are you supporting others to achieve?

ANSON understands the critical role played by Community Sector leaders and the need to provide Managers with the tools to not just succeed but to be the absolute best leader they can be.

ANSON’s Leadership Development Program builds upon the desired behaviours and values within your organisation. In turn, these enhanced skills support the way in which your leaders and people contribute to caring for your clients and their teams at the same time as helping your organisation to grow effectively and sustainably.

Program Overview

ANSON’s Leadership Development program is a blend of theory, classroom learning, applied reflection and practice in the workplace

Modules are delivered regularly over time providing your people with the opportunity to work together on relevant business-related challenges and embed their learning

Leadership profiling tool, Extended DISC is used to understanding your leader’s style

Program Uniqueness

  • Not just a series of formal training sessions
  • Designed also to
    • develop strategic thinking
    • develop a broader perspective with organisational context and
    • develop and implement individual plans for personal/professional development
  • Formal training/workshops:
  • Core management and leadership topics, delivered by ANSON with challenges and examples customised for your organisation
  • Extended DiSC profiling
  • Mentoring and Coaching with your organisation’s key personnel and ANSON coaches
  • Strategic projects including presenting to the business
  • External coordination by ANSON – minimises day to day resourcing requirements by you

Program Core Elements

  • Understanding Self
  • Understanding authentic leadership, providing tools for better connections and developing trust across all the organisation
  • Communication
  • Developing a greater understanding of the different communication styles (DISC), the importance of refining coaching skills and providing feedback
  • Team Leading
  • Understanding employee engagement and the role of a Leader in facilitating this, along with a strong link to the employee life cycle
  • Developing and leading high performance teams, prioritising self and others
  • Difficult Conversations
  • Managing difficult conversations, working collaboratively across teams and conflict resolution
  • Business Management
  • Understanding the operating environment and the linkages between strategic and operational plans in the context of customer delivery
  • Change Management
  • Managing your team in a changing environment with a focus on continuous improvement and leading innovation
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