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We pride ourselves on building strong partnerships with clients in the community services and government sectors.

ANSON Nightingale

We are pleased to show you the new logo for ANSON Nightingale – our locally developed software solution for managing consumer directed care. Thanks to Alan Jennings and the Key2. team for the great design.


Built from the ground up, Nightingale has been designed in consultation with several WA organisations to address the limitations of other available software. Our clients tell us it is easy to use, economical and it delivers.

ANSON Nightingale is all about providing you with solutions and improvements in your individualised care programs and processes. That means you will have:

  • a better way to manage your client and staff data;
  • improvements in your individualised care processes;
  • excellent reports – which give you a clearer picture of how you are tracking; and
  • streamlined integration with NDIS, WANDIS and other funders systems and requirements.

 For more information on ANSON Nightingale, take a look at our website. We invite you to come to the ANSON booth at the upcoming NDS Conference in Perth, and have a chat with us about your consumer directed care needs. 

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