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Introducing ANSON Smart Workforce, our AI-driven, low cost recruitment model for the community and not-for-profit sector.

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At ANSON, we’re using our technology and recruitment expertise to transform recruitment and retention in the community and NFP sector. In partnership with our clients, we’ve designed and developed Smart Workforce, which harnesses AI, psychometrics and predictive analytics to:

  • Automate time-intensive recruitment activities
  • Access deeper candidate insight to reduce recruitment risk
  • Reduce in-house costs and churn risk
  • Find high quality, values aligned candidates
  • Attract recruits from non-traditional backgrounds

What’s more, we do it all with our cost-based model – no percentage commissions – that saves you time and money at every stage of the recruitment process.


Why did we develop ANSON Smart Workforce?

  • Demand for workers expected to dramatically grow
  • Difficulty in recruiting the right values and attitudes
  • In-house recruitment systems and process often inefficient, slow and debatably effective
  • Recruiting tends to be from existing pool only
  • Historically, recruiters seen as high cost option more suited to management and executive recruits
  • High staff turnover

Move beyond traditional resume and interview-based selection.

Cast a wider net and find the best candidates with psychometrics, values assessments and AI that minimise the time, effort and money you invest in recruitment.


The benefits of Smart Workforce.

Flexibility. Choose the level of support and automation you want.
Better decisions. Explore a host of reports into psychometrics, values, aptitudes and more.
Faster decisions. Spend less time assessing and interviewing.
Higher quality. Benefit from higher quality applications, shortlists and recruits.
Lower churn. Reduce attrition by employing capable, culturally aligned talent every time.
Peace of mind. We have a six-month free replacement guarantee.
Ongoing savings. Harness our expertise and buying power to cut recruitment time and costs.
Better performance. Accelerate onboarding and the path to full productivity for recruits.
Invaluable insights. Tap into the system’s recruitment and performance data feedback loop that will power Smart Workforce’s AI, predictive analytics and continual improvement.
What is the Smart Workforce Recruitment Evaluation Funnel?

The ANSON Recruitment Evaluation Funnel enables you to widen your recruitment pool beyond the community and NFP sector and raises selection standards through a range AI-powered assessment tools and predictive modelling throughout the recruitment process and beyond.

This includes applicant (values based) questionnaires, sector-specific psychometrics assessments, model worker scores, candidate matching, values-based interviews, churn risk and employee ratings.


What’s the benefit?

Identifying high performing candidates enables us to build and refine the recruitment evaluation funnel so we can:

  • open up new sources of recruitment
  • give you increased confidence, regardless of a recruit’s background
  • create candidate reports with deeper insights for more informed recruitment decisions
  • reduce churn rates and increase staff satisfaction and motivation
  • generate staff performance ratings benchmarking to inform employee development.
Applicant Questionnaire
Values alignment
Resume Assessment
25 years of experience
Psychological Profile
Deeper candidate insights
Candidate video
To bring the candidate to life
Model worker score
Comparison to the best
Provider/Client fit score
Fit to the work environment and role
Value interview
Deeper dive into the candidate
Candidate shortlist report
Final report and recommendation

Post, Admin, Select or End2End: It’s your choice.

The Smart Workforce AI and online portal will ultimately streamline every facet of recruitment, retention and employee management and development. The more functionality you use, the better the outcomes and the lower your costs.


Four Core Packages.

The ANSON Smart Workforce offering is flexible, you can…

Post. Simple, efficient placement of job vacancies to Seek and a range of other speciality community sector job boards at discounted rates.
Admin. Advert creation, application management, CV collation and Applicant Values questionnaire.
Select. All Admin features plus resume shortlisting and psychometric report for each short listed applicant.
End2End. Full recruitment process including all Select features plus in-depth candidate interviews, reference checks and a 6-month replacement guarantee.*
*Terms & conditions apply
  • Applicant acknowledgments
  • Psychometric assessments
  • Employment & reference checks
  • Interview questions
  • Background checks
  • Education checks
  • Ad copywriting & management
  • Enquiry handling
  • Values-based interviews
  • Application briefing packs
  • Interview support
  • Proof of indentity checks
  • Qualifications checks
  • Application processing
  • Resume shortlisting
  • Candidate shortlists & reports
  • Drafing contracts
  • Police checks
  • Affiliation checks

Find out how Smart Workforce can help you.

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About us.

At ANSON, we understand the community and not-for-profit sector and the recruitment challenges the sector faces. We’ve helped a diverse range of purpose-led community, charity and NFP organisations find the talent they need for over 25 years, from Baptistcare, MercyCare and Mission Australia, to Activ Foundation, The Smith Family and Midland Job Link.

Our mission: To support the growth, sustainability and cost efficiency of the community sector.

Our aim: To innovate services that help the community care sector with their mission.

Within the community services and NFP sector, managing the recruitment and candidate application process to find the ‘gems’ is a huge drain on time and resources. Then there’s handling queries, processing applications, managing notifications and screening candidates. Not to mention the hidden costs of on-boarding, training and the replacement cost of churn.

That’s why we’re applying all our recruitment and technology smarts to develop the Smart Workforce recruitment model and online portal – a new recruitment and retention paradigm that will enable our sector to compete more efficiently and cost-effectively for Australia’s talent.