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Nightingale is an innovative software solution that manages consumer-directed care.


Nightingale was originally developed within ANSON as an innovative software solution for ANSON’s disability client base. Nightingale was built from the ground up based on a wish-list of features provided by a range of primarily disability organisations to manage the complexities of consumer-directed care. We’re very proud of the result, and feedback from our clients has been fantastic.

As Nightingale grew in scale and capital intensity, funding rounds were sought and Nightingale was moved into a separate new business called Aviary Corp. As sister organisations, ANSON continues to work closely with Aviary Corp jointly working with a wrap around approach to software, services and change management support.

Aviary has heavily invested in the further development of Nightingale to expand support for the transition to consumer-directed care models such as NDIS, CHSP and Aged Care Packages.

Our extensive community sector experience has taught us that funding regimes are always under review. Changes in government, government policy, employment law and practices, emerging practice initiatives and competitive forces create a constant state of change.

We are committed to ensuring that Nightingale remains, fresh, relevant and current and that you get the most out of your investment.


CUSTOMISED – Nightingale is designed to work with your needs. You have full control of all aspects of the system and can tailor it to suit your requirements. That includes your team roles, forms, case notes, pay rates, support funding streams, leave approvals, rostering calendars and much more. Our team is available to help you adjust procedures, manage change impacts and get the most out of your investment.

CLIENT-CENTRED – Nightingale is entirely devised to be person-centred. That means it will provide you with an effective tool to allow your clients to drive their own strategies, plans and outcomes.

ECONOMICAL – Our clients tell us Nightingale pays for itself in a year with reduced administrative overheads. The ability to customise means as things change in your organisation, you can adapt the system without having to pay a developer – which saves you both time and money. It provides better visibility so you can more efficiently stay on top of client outcomes, compliance, incidents and funding streams.

FLEXIBLE – Nightingale allows access wherever you are, from PC, any smartphone or tablet. That means your case notes can be collected in real time, or offline on the app. Your data is stored in a secure, managed environment, which includes backups and encryption.

LOCAL – You will be dealing with an Australian business that has developed a software solution based on input from local community service organisations. Nightingale is developed, supported, sold and most importantly hosted in Australia.

Technical details


We investigated a whole range of possible hosting options, and chose to host Microsoft Azure. Used by many large corporations and the Australian government Azure hosting provides you with many benefits including:

  • All data remains in Australia
  • 100% of the data is encrypted which is compliant with Australian Government Signals Directorate standards for cloud security
  • Highly resilient with enterprise grade cloud servers – duplicated in Sydney and Melbourne
  • Backed up every three hours and kept for 30 days
  • An audit trail is embedded for every transaction and nothing is ever deleted.


Nightingale can work efficiently on a range of platforms.

  • Windows
  • Linux
  • Mac devices running Safari, Edge, Firefox or Chrome browsers (versions need to be post 2016)
  • Windows, IOS or Android Mobile smart devices that are less than three years old

Nightingale app

Supplied to all Nightingale clients is our purpose-built app. Supported on any smartphone or tablet, the app is designed to work both online and offline – which is a huge advantage with a mobile workforce handling consumer-directed care clients.

There are no installation or usage charges for the Nightingale app. It provides caseworkers with core Nightingale functions including:

  • Client details
  • Case notes
  • Goal reports
  • Attendance – including start and end times and GPS waypoints
  • Travel – start and end odometer readings
  • Incident reports, including the ability to take photos and video footage

Want more information?

If you are looking for a better way for your organisation to manage your consumer-directed care processes, please visit

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