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ANSON operates within strict ethical standards underpinned by a code of conduct.

Code of Conduct

Our essential practices, behaviour, ethics, and business standards exist for all individuals who are employed by and who represent ANSON.

ANSON operates strict ethical standards, underpinned by a code of conduct, that is representative of who we are and how our company is run. We are committed to continually delivering an exceptional service standard, whilst complementing the community services sector as a whole.

This is backed up by the following work habits:

  • We aim to provide and deliver professional services
  • We aim to improve well being and quality for the clients and organisations we serve
  • We maintain appropriate confidentiality when dealing with our clients and recruitment candidates
  • We do not freely solicit candidates from any organisation if it brings a detriment to that organisation for the benefit of earning a placement fee
  • We do not send unsolicited resumes of any candidate to client companies without the direct permission of our candidates
  • We treat our clients in an ethical and honest manner whilst ensuring that integrity is maintained
  • We comply with all rulings made under the Equal Opportunity and Anti-Discrimination Acts
  • We act in a way that ensures trust, care and diligence is always present in the course of business
  • We never provide false or misleading information
  • At all times, we behave in a way that upholds the values, integrity and good reputation of ANSON and our clients
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