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Your people are your most valuable asset, which is why it’s vital that your payroll is right. Every time.

Payroll services

Payroll management is one of the most time-consuming and potentially complex of all Not for Profit business functions.

Your people are your most valuable asset, which is why it’s vital that your payroll is right. Every time.

By utilising ANSON business services you can hand that burden over to us. Thanks to our work in the Not for Profit sector we understand your awards and relevant conditions of employment such as hourly rate, penalties, allowances, tax, and superannuation rates.

We manage these payroll items through your own payroll system or through the use of our recommended award interpretation software, which minimises human calculations and potential error rates. Should contracts or awards change, we make adjustments as part of our ongoing service, so you don’t need to even think about it.


Our payroll service also includes the provision of accurate and intricate report generation. Aspects of department/project costing, overtime, shift loadings and allowances can be tracked, collated, analysed and reported. We can provide all reports in PDF, Excel and Word – whatever suits you. And our General Ledger export files are adaptable to various accounting software packages.

Like all of our services and programs, we tailor ANSON business services to suit your needs. We can provide you with just payroll services or you could opt for a comprehensive, combined outsourced business management service including bookkeeping and Board reporting.

There are many advantages to outsourcing your business services. Contact us to talk about your business services needs.

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