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NDIS and the importance of quality

Whilst the highly anticipated National Disability Insurance Scheme is a reform that was required and welcomed in Australia, how the scheme will be fully implemented in WA remains complex and uncertain. This uncertainty is placing significant pressure throughout the sector in WA particularly regarding service delivery models and sustainability.

It is a given that any large-scale change under any reform inevitably causes uncertainty, however it is clear that quality of services in transitioning to the scheme in WA will be essential.

The high volume of participant plans reviewed or to be reviewed within a short period of time as part of transitioning to the NDIS will place significant pressure on disability service providers in processing new entrants and ensuring quality of their plans.

Quality traditionally has been evaluated in a retrospective and reactive manner without a robust quality management framework that was strategic, proactive and aligned with key performance indicators.

As you wait for further clarity, it is important that you self reflect and assess your organisation’s NDIS preparedness. Are your strategies for ensuring quality, aligned with your overall organisational strategies, service delivery models and objectives?

To remain well positioned in a consumer directed environment under the NDIS scheme you need to take quality seriously.

By developing a quality management framework aligned with organisational strategy you can:

  • Develop more effective and more efficient systems and procedures,
  • Prepare for quality evaluations and improve credibility with funders,
  • Gain new perspectives and ways of working,
  • Embed continuous improvement in your organisation, and
  • Ensure your ability to maximise client outcomes are person-centred whilst sustainable under the NDIS scheme.

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