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We pride ourselves on building strong partnerships with clients in the community services and government sectors.

Smart Workforce

Hire with confidence. Reduce churn.

Recruit better staff that fit your organisation and stay longer.

Team values and behaviours are even more important than skills and experience in today’s community service workplace.

Traditional resume and interview-centred recruitment tends to focus on the existing pool and misses out on important behavioural analytics by focusing on experience alone.

We place your ANSON branded advertisement online, sharing our buying power and expertise.

Our Smart Workforce platform accepts applications, and analyses values and behaviours upfront, to generate a better, more accurate shortlist. (And there’s no need to wait until after a lengthy interview process before applying expensive psychometric testing to favoured candidates).

Because it’s an online platform, we’re also previewing how applicants interact with technology and documentation.

You interview your qualified shortlist — or let us take of that, too.

We can also handle ad hoc enquiries and automate the acknowledgement process so you wave goodbye to fielding calls or emails about progress, or handling a giant mail merge.

All that’s left is to onboard your new team member.

*Multiple placements of the same position (at the same time) are included in our fee


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