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We pride ourselves on building strong partnerships with clients in the community services and government sectors.

The latest ANSON news

With just over month into 2018 it is clear the Not for Profit sector is up for another challenging year as organisations continue to adapt to the changing landscape, and evolve in their business models, partnerships and priorities.

For ANSON, last year saw some changes in personnel, some new products and services, and the addition of an events program aimed at providing opportunities for executive networking within the sector. Our business ownership changed as Jonathan Smith left to take up a Not for Profit CEO role. The ANSON executive team now includes myself, along with Dena Zarif and Peter Andrews. Combined with the rest of our team, we offer specialist community services sector knowledge, expertise and experience.

A highlight of last year was launching Nightingale, our software solution for consumer directed care and individualised care models. We developed Nightingale from the ground up to suit local organisations. Due to its ability to be customisable, flexible and client-focused, Nightingale is fast becoming a popular choice for a range of Not for Profits in WA. Please contact us if you would like a demonstration of how Nightingale can work for you.

This year is already shaping up to be busy and exciting for us. We are currently working on some new events, products and services designed to support your work and add value to your organisation. You can expect information on a new product within a couple of months called HR on Demand. Please contact us if you would like to be among the first to find out about HR on Demand by attending the product launch.

One of the privileges of working so closely with our clients is seeing first hand the social impact you create in our community. We continue to be inspired by your dedication, energy and commitment and we look forward to working with you in 2018.



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