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We pride ourselves on building strong partnerships with clients in the community services and government sectors.

ANSON’s 21st birthday event

Thanks to everyone who helped us celebrate our 21st birthday at our recent sundowner. We had a great time and, judging from all the positive feedback we received, so did you. As well as being able to thank our hard working team, the event gave us a chance to acknowledge our clients who inspire us everyday as they continue to create social value in our community. Photos from the event are below.

Congratulations to Tony Morley from Valued Independent People Inc (recently merged with Rocky Bay), who won the door prize of $5,000 worth of pro bono consulting work.

Our plan is to hold regular such events aimed at providing CEOs, senior executives and Board Chairs in the community services sector with the opportunity to meet, exchange ideas and views and expand their network. Our next event is on Friday 19 May. Contact us for more details.


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