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March 20 2011

Life as a car

My friend Katie Joy shared this great metaphor with me at a family Christmas gathering. Any mangling that may have occurred in the re-telling is entirely my fault.

Life is a like a car hurtling along.

When I was young I used to sit right up the front, on the bumper, totally exposed to all the bugs and grit flying my way, with no control at all over the steering wheel.

When I was a teenager, I used to sit on the bonnet. Up there I was slightly protected from the grit, but it used to get very hot, and I still had no control over the car’s direction.

When I became an adult, I moved into the driving seat for the first time. Finally I was able to steer the car where I wanted to go.

As I grow older, will I stay in the driver’s seat or, at some point, will I move to the back seat, becoming a comfortable passenger in my own life?

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