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Steve Walker


Steve Walker

Steve is a qualified accountant and company director having spent many years as a senior executive (CFO, COO) in large and complex for-profit organisations as well as small to medium enterprises. In 2006 Steve changed his career path to NFP’s working with organisations such as The Cancer Council, YMCA, Activ Foundation, Centrecare and in 2010 help create Stellar Living Ltd (social/affordable housing) where he is Executive Director/CEO. His experience is vast from corporate reform, developing complex compliance systems, change agency, mergers/acquisitions, start-ups and business development to building and running a sales team. Steve sits on a number of NFP boards.

Steve has run his own businesses in the past and now also works part-time as a consultant as he enjoys the contact and problem solving of many diverse challenges that businesses face today, particularly NFP’s. Steve has a drive and passion for simplicity and transparency and believes many organisations may use these as enablers for change when dealing with the complexities of growth and reform.