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Data and process management

Individualised care systems can by nature be complex. You need reliable and easy to use data and process management to track client data, staff details and organisational processes. ANSON Nightingale provides a range of data and process management solutions via the client and staff dashboards.

Client dashboard

The client dashboard is where you record, and manage client details, data and outcomes. You will be able to:

  • Add, update and remove clients,
  • Record client interests – which can be matched with staff interests,
  • Create client plans, setting outcomes and goals,
  • Track client medication via reminders and alerts,
  • Track client attendance – which can automatically trigger invoicing,
  • Create and manage case notes,
  • Track incidents, as well as their management, follow-up and reporting,
  • Create invoicing, and
  • Produce detailed client outcome reports and diagrams.

Staff dashboard

The staff dashboard is where you can record, and manage staff data and processes. You and your staff will be able to:

  • Track staff competencies, training and certificates,
  • Record staff interests – which can be matched with client interests,
  • Create alerts for expiring certificates or training updates eg first aid, Working with Children Check, manual handling etc,
  • Track incidents and reporting – upload photos on hand-held devices or desktop,
  • Manage leave applications,
  • Access (permission based) staff file notes, and
  • Create and manage case notes.

Example Client Dashboard viewed as a Support Worker