ANSON Nightingale  /  Solutions


ANSON Nightingale is all about providing you with solutions and improvements in your individualised care programs and processes. That means you will have:

  • better way to manage your client and staff data
  • improvements in your individualised care processes
  • excellent reports – which give you a clearer picture of how you are tracking
  • streamlined integration with NDIS, WANDIS and other funders’ systems and requirements.

Organisation management solutions

Nightingale provides many solutions to enhance your organisational management processes.

Here are just a few:

  • Customisable case note ratings and labels to assist staff and enable data collection and tracking to suit your organisation
  • Customisable case note categories to link with specific funding streams, activities, or client outcomes
  • Management and tracking of competencies, certifications and work eligibility requirements across the organisation
  • Individualised reporting
  • Streamlined funding acquittals
  • Provision of a customisable system to manage leave across the whole organisation
  • The ability to track loan items – cars, equipment etc.