ANSON Nightingale  /  Benefits


ANSON Nightingale offers you many benefits as you navigate the complex world of individualised and consumer-directed care.

Customised – Nightingale is designed to work with your needs. You have full control of all aspects of the system and can tailor it to suit your requirements. That includes your team roles, forms, case notes, pay rates, support funding streams, leave approvals, rostering calendars and much more.

Client-centred – Nightingale is entirely devised to be person-centred. That means it will provide you with an effective tool to allow your clients to drive their own strategies, plans and outcomes.

Economical – Our clients tell us Nightingale pays for itself in a year with reduced administrative overheads. The ability to customise means as things change, you can adapt the system without having to pay a developer – which saves you both time and money. It provides better visibility so you can more efficiently stay on top of client outcomes, compliance, incidents and funding streams.

Flexible – Nightingale allows access wherever you are, from PC, any smartphone or tablet. That means your case notes can be collected in real time, or offline on the app. Your data is stored in a secure, managed environment, which includes backups and encryption.

Local – ANSON is WA owned and managed and has been assisting community service organisations for over 21 years. So you will be dealing with a local business that has developed a software solution based on input from local community service organisations. It also means we provide in-person support by visiting your offices or by offering telephone advice. And all in local time.