ANSON Nightingale

ANSON Nightingale

Your IT solution for individualised care

ANSON has developed an innovative software solution for organisations to manage the complexities of individualised care.

ANSON Nightingale provides a holistic system that can be fully customised to suit your clients, your staff and your current processes, systems, templates and approach.

And ANSON Nightingale is fully compliant with NDIS and WANDIS in client support plans, outcomes and goals, financial reporting, invoice data and case note templates. In fact Nightingale can give you seamless integration with most funders’ requirements and systems including Consumer Directed Care and HACC.

Built from the ground up, ANSON Nightingale has been designed in consultation with several Western Australian organisations to address the limitations of other available software. Our clients tell us it is easy to use, economical and it delivers real solutions.

If you are looking for a better way for your organisation to manage your individualised care processes, talk to us about ANSON Nightingale.