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Mergers and acquisitions

To survive and thrive in the increasingly competitive and resource restricted non-profit sector, many organisations are giving serious consideration to mergers, acquisitions and partnerships.

ANSON’s specialist non-profit knowledge and expertise has assisted 20 non-profit organisations in the past couple of years with a wide variety of merger or partnership projects. True to our usual approach, each of these projects were tailored to suit the situation and the organisation.

Board workshops

To get you started we can run a Board workshop exploring particular areas of interest or decisions to be made. Our workshops can assist by providing you with:

  • Understanding of non-profit mergers,
  • Exploration of potential partnership models,
  • Ability to prepare your organisation for a merger,
  • Framework for assessing potential partner organisations,
  • The ANSON approach to due diligence, and
  • Co-design of your potential future organisation.

And once those decisions are made, we can assist you every step of the way to make it all happen.

To find out more about our mergers and acquisitions consulting services please contact us.