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Leadership and governance

Strong, talented, creative and resilient leadership sets the tone for any organisation or business. By working with your CEO and Board ANSON can advance your leadership and governance potential.

Governance processes

Structured and clear governance processes lay strong foundations for the success of community service organisations. In consultation with your Board and CEO, ANSON can assist in designing your governance processes and ensuring you have the appropriate supporting documentation and procedures.

If your organisation’s governance is evolving from a management committee to a Board, ANSON can develop an effective transition and training plan to assist with this change.

Board self-assessment and development

Assessing the effectiveness of your Board is as important as measuring your organisation’s financial and operational effectiveness. The ANSON methodology provides an objective method of assessing performance at all levels of your organisation, from the Board down.

Our Board development model can assist you through a governance change process, ensuring your Board members understand their evolving responsibilities.

Skill matching and gap analysis is also an important aspect of maximising Board effectiveness. We can help you to develop appropriate strategies for professional development, training and Board recruitment to ensure you have the right mix of skills and experience around the table.

Executive mentoring and coaching

Leadership competencies are constantly evolving, as is the environment in which we work. Your CEO and executive team need opportunities to access professional development, expand their leadership skills and seek counsel as they make the tough decisions to help your organisation adapt and remain sustainable.

Behavioural based coaching is the most validated tool for leaders to enhance and apply their knowledge and development; especially as it relates to achieving long term sustainable results – including productive inclusive outcomes, increased collaboration, greater levels of creativity and problem solving. In addition it facilitates a more responsible use of power, providing effective role modelling for future leaders of an organisation.

By engaging an external coach, participants are able to engage fully, explore options, test assumptions and acquire practice and feedback without prejudice.

ANSON use the Extended DISC behaviour profiling system ® which is a suite of integrated tools for enhancing individual, team and organisational performance. The foundation of the suite is the Personal Assessment. This is a 10 minute web based assessment that generates a 23 page multifaceted, customised report for each participant. Extended DISC® provides customised reports on individuals, teams and organisations.

Succession planning

Your continuity and sustainability depend on good succession planning for your executive team and your Board. ANSON can help you identify and develop new leaders within your organisation or business, in addition to providing recruitment services to source leaders from elsewhere in the sector.

To find out how we can assist with your leadership and governance needs, please contact us.