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  • Peter Andrew
    April 16 2015

    Succession planning

    Succession planning is becoming increasingly important for the following reasons: Organisations are not developing and nurturing key talent within their organisation, which leads to poor retention The sudden departure of key staff members within an organisation The baby boomer generation is approaching retirement age and consequently causing a shift in the workplace Succession planning provides […]

  • Peter Andrew
    March 18 2015

    Be strategic thinkers!

    Strategic thinking defines the longstanding purpose of the organisation and prepares the organisation for future uncertainty. It is a key governance responsibility for Boards to think strategically and to set the strategic direction of the business; however Boards often focus more time on the organisation’s operations rather than its strategies. The Association Management Center (AMC) […]

  • Peter Andrew
    March 11 2015

    Handy social media tips

    We constantly hear about social media and how it has the capability to reform the way organisations communicate with clients and stakeholders, yet many community service organisations still fail to grasp its true potential. Social media is one of the most effective and innovative ways to engage with clients in two-way conversations. More than any […]