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How to Resign Properly

Resigning from a job is typically an experience freighted with mixed emotions. You are happy to be moving on to something new, and you are sad to be leaving your work colleagues behind. Resignation is a private issue and out of respect for your superior or superiors it should be handled well. You should never put yourself in the position where everyone on the team knows you are about to resign except your boss.

Your resignation letter should contain four essential pieces of information:

  • The effective date of your resignation, e.g. “As required by my employment contract, I hereby tender 4 weeks notice, effective today.”
  • An explanation for your resignation.
  • A statement that you will endeavour to hand over your responsibilities in a way that minimizes inconvenience to your employer.
  • Ideally, your resignation will be tendered after discussions about your career objectives with your employer. Certainly, some employers create a work environment that is not conducive to the type of discussion referred to above. Notwithstanding this, if you become dissatisfied with the type of work or the work environment to the point that you want to leave, you should discuss your grievances with your employer. You may be pleasantly surprised at how they respond!