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Find your hidden strengths


Based on the popular DISC theory developed in the 1920’s, Extended DISC applications include leadership development, organisation development, sales, communication skills training, customer service training, and more.

Extended DISC® Personal Analysis questionnaire takes only 10 minutes to complete online, yet it offers great versatility and flexibility as the assessment results can be customised to provide the specific information you require. The options include your general characteristics of what motivates you, how you make decisions, your communication style, your strengths, and areas that may be an opportunity to develop.


How It Works

Two profiles are created:


By comparing these two Extended DISC® Personal Analysis profiles we can tell whether a person has tried to answer the questions the way he/she believes the interviewer wants him appear, we can tell whether there is a key feeling of uncertainty or lack of clarity, whether the person feels insecure or whether a person is frustrated. We can even interpret a key feeling of helplessness and again whether a person is under pressure. We can tell whether a person feels the need to adjust, the amount they feel they need to adjust, and whether that adjustment is likely to lead to stress in the long haul.

This then provides our coaches an opportunity to work with the participants in this area, ultimately assisting in their greater performance at work and within their personal life.

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